Kolmeks is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of pumps and motors. We are specialized in centrifugal pumps used in heating and air-conditioning systems. The pumps are well designed and simple to use, carefree in maintenance, silent, durable and best of all, very energy friendly. Our driving philosophy to provide efficient reliability is manifested especially around our pumps.

Pumps / Products

We offer a wide range of intelligent pump solutions for various applications:
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • District heating
  • Industrial
  • In-house R&D of pumps and electrical motors

Kolmeks pumps are single impeller centrifugal pumps, directly coupled with a Kolmeks electric motor. Kolmeks pumps are typically simple in maintenance and in use, silently running, durable and efficient.Kolmeks pumps are typically used in heating- and cooling systems as well as other clean water and other clean liquids circulating, pressure-boosting and similar applications. Due to the use of many different materials and sealing solutions the pumps are increasingly used in different processes in the industry in general. The pumps can also be equipped with separate or integrated frequency converters to adjust speed as required.In-house design and manufacturing facilitates tailoring of the pumps according the customer needs.