• Twin pump

Twin pumps


Grey cast iron

Pumps for applications requiring reliability and pumping regulation. Twin pumps are made of the same basic components and hydraulic design as the single In-line pumps. The twin pump comprises of two pumps* in one common casing incorporated with an integral non-return valve. This prevents the internal circulation in case only one pump is running or the other is dismounted for repair.

The changeover of the pumping side can be easily automated because no other valves are needed for that procedure. When the other pump unit has been replaced with a blind service cap the other unit can be used as a single pump unit. The two motor units (motor and impeller) of a twin pump can be of different sizes (different duty-points).

(*the impellers are unidentical because of different directions of rotation.) !





Grey cast iron EN-GJL-200

Motor power range

2 x 0,05 – 2 x 15 kW

Nominal pressure


Flow rate

0 – 120 l/s

Maximum pump head


Liquid temperature range

-15 … +180°C


Air conditioning systems, Closed systems, Heating systems, Industrial systems


Hot and cold oxygen-free water, Glycols, Other heat transfer fluids